Turning 30 can be a difficult time in many peoples lives. Many of us have placed unrealistic expectations on what we hoped to achieve by that age. I find myself in just such a situation. None of my goals have been met and with 4 months before the big ‘3”0’ I’m beginning to wonder how I let this happen and what can be done about it. This blog is basically a diary of a pre 30 as I have an obligatory freakout and look for the positives about where I am.


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  1. I turned 30 in September so I can relate to how you’re feeling. It’s a big milestone and it loomed large over the last couple of years of my twenties. It horrifies me that three decades are behind me but I have to say that I love my age now. I have a better appreciation of how precious time is and I am filling my life with interesting and happy things. I wouldn’t turn the clock back. My birthday was one of the best days of last year. I ticked an item off my Bucket List so that I would make a memory that will live with me for the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy your birthday when the big day comes and I hope to see you writing a ‘post-30’ blog with all the exciting things you have to look forward to in this decade. 🙂


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