Hey there,

Just writing a quick post so that you all know that after I hit the big ‘3’ ‘0’, I didn’t fall off the edge of the planet.There is life after 30 after all!  Who knew? Been 30 for a few months now as ‘dooms day’/ what actually turned out to be an awesome party, happened in April this year. For the record I had blue cupcakes like the photo above…..minus the sprinkles.

Hmmm, perhaps I should change the name of my blog to Post-30 blog? Or early 30s/late 20s blog? Nah, can’t be bothered 🙂

So in the last few months, many things have changed, and many stayed the same. I think after you actually turn 30 you stop worrying about certain things to degree as once the imagined ‘deadline’ passed to get married, find the perfect job and buy a house, etc. you just fall into somewhat of an acceptance phase as you can’t really do anything about it anymore as sadly there are no time machines.

I have now to some degree ticked one thing off my list, and that is the “buy a house” box. Now technically I bought an apartment (one bedroom), and technically it won’t be built for another two or more years as it was off the plan, but it’s nice to be able to say I’m on the property ladder. I have to admit I had to borrow a little bit off the parents (it’s hard to put a deposit on anything in Sydney on a single income) but I am proud to say most of it was mine and I am steadily paying them back. The good thing about buying off the plan is I will get the ‘first home owners grant’ of $10000 when settlement comes and also have at least two years to save up the rest of my deposit and secure a home loan. One funny thing is although I still want to get married and have children realistically in the next five years when I imagine myself living in this new apartment I imagine myself living there alone (OK maybe with a cat) and this is not a sad thought as I honestly think I would quite enjoy it. Oh, and did I mention the new apartment will be practically next door to one of the largest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere? Well, it is, so that will be a delightful bonus 🙂

Now for things that have stayed the same.

I’m still single as indicated above which isn’t a complete disaster as I do quite like my own company, but I think that now that I haven’t been on a date for well over a year…..maybe two, it might be time to try online dating again. I have a friend who I thought might ask me out but I think that ship has sailed as he went out with me for coffee one-on-one and I thought it might have been a date as it was followed by a dinner invitation but then he pulled my magic trick of inviting other people ( I do this when I want them to know I’m not adverse to their company but I don’t want to date them either). My favourite part was when I got a message from him asking if he could invite others when he clearly already had as I got a message from my girlfriend saying she’d see me there two days before the proposed date (what would he have done if I said ‘no’? lol). Oh well, no harm was done. I should have learned by now not to read into anything particularly with this friend who has played these games with me before and in all fairness I’ve probably done the same to him in the past as I don’t think either of us really knows what we want.
Currently, I’m still working as a teacher. I’ve recently started working at a school close to me and have secured that until the end of the year which is good as I want to pay my parents back ASAP for what I borrowed for the apartment, but is also kinda bad as although this is what I thought would be the ‘dream school’ I have firmly realised I still dislike teaching. It stresses me out and the kids and sometimes the parents and pretty full on. Not sure what I’ll do next year job-wise. I don’t want to teach but if this school offers me something I’d be a fool to say no and I need to keep up a certain income to ensure I can make future payments of the unit. Gah, I hate trying to be a responsible adult.

Life has as many ups and downs pre-30 as it does post-30I have realised. All-in-all I think it is better to be in my early 30s than my late 20s as being at the beginning of a decade sounds younger than being at the end 😉


Ta ta for now.

I’ll try not to go on such as long hiatus before next post 😉


One thought on “Post-30.

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad to hear you survived ‘the big 3-0’, had an awesome celebration and are on the property ladder now too – congratulations! I hope your thirties are everything you want them to be. I turned 31 last month – time flies!


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