Waiting by the phone.


As people who have been following me would know I am currently seeking a job https://pre30blog.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/the-ongoing-saga-of-finding-a-permanent-job/.

I am looking to move on from teaching so have been applying for a wide variety of jobs. These include government jobs, retail jobs and even though I’m 99.9% sure I want to quit teaching I have one or two teaching resumes out there too.

So after putting so many CV’s out there, I have been waiting by the phone hoping that a job, any job, will just ring me already.

Finally, last week, my phone rang. Unfortunately this happened while I was walking my Swiss relative through a rainforest along the New South Wales coast. I was quite amazed I had reception to be honest but I talked to a lady who worked for a perfume and cosmetics company who saw my application for a store in Canberra and was keen to give me a phone interview. Whilst speaking to me she found out I live in Sydney and then told me of another position they had going in Sydney. I said I was interested so she arranged to call me for an official phone interview at 3pm that day. This wasn’t really ideal for me as I was down the coast and my phone battery was beginning to concern me but I agreed to it anyway.

Later that day at 3pm my dad, Swiss relative and myself were standing on a cliff overlooking a blowhole (Kiama if anyone knows it! It’s. Quite lovely there). It was very windy, so the worst possible place to have a phone interview so I locked myself into the car just before 3pm to ensure I had a quiet place while the others explored the area.

Afte half-an-hour of being in a self-imposed hot car prison later, ( I did end up opening the door and even going out from time to time) the lady finally called me just as the others thought I’d be finished and started walking back towards the car. I quickly waved them off and dived back into the car to take the anticipated phone call. The call went well and she seemed impressed so I was granted an actual in the flesh interview with the store manager the next day.

I was feeling quite chuffed at getting an interview, but when I came home I found that my mother and sister were not pleased about this development as they see working in retail (even though it’s a management position) as a step down and would rather me get a nice government job. I understand their concerns. It won’t pay as well as teaching and I would have to give up many weekends, but since I think it would be cool to open a shop of my own one day, I thought it might be a necessary step back financially that would ultimately help me to move forward.

The interview with the manager went OK. I don’t know if I answered all the questions as they wanted as I wasn’t shy about saying when asked that I would not like working public holidays i.e Christmas but the chatter was non-stop (mostly the interviewer did the talking as he seemed quite keen on sharing his life story) and I did have an answer for every question.
I left feeling a touch optimistic and was told I’d hear back from them to find out if I got it or not on Monday.

Monday came. I spend the day in a bit of anguish. Part of me was scared I’d get the job as I knew my family were against it and wouldn’t be happy for me and that would make me sad as I’d feel like I’m disappointing them. The other part of me was fearing not getting the job as I really wanted a permeant job, any job, before the big ‘3”0’.

So the verdict………………….they didn’t call. All that wasted anguish *sigh* Right now, it’s 5.30 on Tuesday afternoon and still no phone call so I’m guessing I definitely didn’t get it. In a way I’m distraught, and in a way I’m relived. Truth be told I don’t think I know what I wanted to come of it all.

So looks like it’s back to the drawing board and I will look into those government jobs and other things that appeal to me.

Edit to add: They just called I didn’t get it. Mum is pleased and truthfully I do mostly feel relief.


2 thoughts on “Waiting by the phone.

  1. Never mind, but sometimes it’s important to apply to different things. I’ve got an informal interview tomorrow, but I’m still feeling quite nervous for it. But it’s important to do things that scare you.


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