New Years Resolutions


Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous time bringing in the new year!

So far my year is off to a good start. I had a bunch of friends over to bring in 2016 with a BBQ, swimming in the pool and playing a silly drinking game ( I successfully convinced my parents to go to Brisbane to visit my Uncle for NYE so had the house to myself yay).

Afterwards, we watched the fireworks on TV. Sydney has an excellent firework display every year but maybe it’s a sign of getting old but I just can’t handle the crowds anymore and prefer house parties.

A few friends and I went on our traditional New Years Day bushwalk yesterday which was fun as there is a natural pool at the bottom of the valley with beautiful fresh water to swim in. Then we went to McDonalds for soft serve because we’re classy like that ­čśť

Today is the 2nd of January and it would seem the fun and games that brought in the new year are over. I know what I should be doing today ( applying for jobs, cleaning the house, cleaning my pig sty of a car etc) but so far it’s 12.30pm and all I’ve done is get out of my pjs, have a shower and play copious amounts of Bubble Witch while watching the news.

So, to the point of this post. What are my New Years resolutions?

The resolutions I’ll openly tell people I know:

  • Get a permanent job I enjoy.
  • Continue to be fit and work out ( I’m not vain but I’m proud of my current body and worked hard for it).
  • Move.

The resolutions in my head I’m less likely to tell everyone:

  • Find a boyfriend who will hopefully be a potential husband. I don’t share this one as much as it makes me feel desperate but I want to have the husband and children in the next five years so meeting him this year would be wonderful. When I was younger I would have dated someone for a long time but now I think I’d want a ring after a year ( of course I won’t tell guys that right away as that’s one sure way to make them head for the hills lol).
  • Stop juding myself by comparing myself to others. I don’t share this one as much as jealously is never a good look but I think we all judge ourself a little through comparison.
  • Move out as stated above, but deep down I still hope to do this before 30 so really I’m just giving myself just under 4 months to do this which I know is silly and unrealistic as it won’t happen unless the job happens so I joke about it sometimes with friends but they don’t know how deep a desire it is no matter how foolish.

There is a danger in making these ┬áresolutions. The danger is that it’s so easy to not succeed in keeping them. For example, getting a permenant job and boyfriend ┬áhave been my New Years resolutions for years. It hasn’t happened does that make me a failure? ┬áMoving out before I’m 30 was my resolution last year, so technically I gave myself more than a year to accomplish it but I know realistically I probably won’t achieve this so what will this mean for my self esteem?

Logically, the answers to both of ┬áthese questions lie in how I choose to react to the possibility of failure. I could choose to curl up into a ball of self pity or just get on with it. I’ll probably cry a bit but as always I’ll pull myself up and get on with life.

Perhaps it’s better not to make resolutions at all, but even when I think I’m not going to make resolutions, I have desires which whether made on NYE, or any random point in the year, serve as resolutions. At least I’ll probably keep the fitness one simple because I enjoy running and it’s not hard for me to make time for something that relaxes me and gives me a sense of achievement.

On the other hand perhaps even when failed resolutions are good as they give us a goal to strive for which motivates us to make positive changes or at least know we tried.

Have you all made resolutions?  What is your opinion on resolutions in the first place?




2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I pretty much have the same resolutions, the one’s you’re hiding and the one’s you’re not. I think the important thing is not to rush dating though; sometimes it can be just as lonely being with the wrong person. But I’m going into this year with a lot of positivity, so I hope you do too!

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