The Obligatory Pre-30 Freakout


Hello out there in Internetland,

As the title suggests, I am currently experiencing what I like to call “the obligatory  pre-30 freakout.”

For some reason many of us ( especially women but I’m going to assume many men too) give ourselves certain life deadlines to accomplish certain things. For me 30 was a deadline for many things and I thought these things could easily be achieved by this time. My checklist of things to have achieved by 30 looked like this:

  • Have a permanent job I enjoyed.
  • Own a property or at least have moved out of parents house.
  • Be married.
  • Have children or be at least planning to have children.

Previously I thought this list was quite reasonable and I think certain items on this check-list would look familiar to many people. I was willing to accept that not all things would be ticked off but I truely believed all would be firmly in the works. So a few months off my deadline what is my current situation you ask? Well, I live with my parents, am currently unemployed, have never had a long-term boyfriend and am currently single. So yes, I am currently experiencing the pre-30 freakout.

Now I don’t want this blog to be a negative thing. I am not writing it to gain sympathy either. I just want to share my thoughts as I think I am not alone in this boat. Logically I know having such a deadline is BLOODY POINTLESS!! But since when have I always been logical?

I have been wondering how it is I find myself in this undesirable situation and am trying to find the positives of it as curling up into a ball and feeling like a failure achieves nothing.

So let’s start at the job situation….

I am a primary school teacher and have been for 8 years. They told me at uni it would be easy to find a job as there would be a mass retirement and ” we need teachers”……they lied. What the should have said in uni was they needed MALE primary school teachers and high school teacher for physics, 4 unit maths and all the subjects few want to teach. Granted they couldn’t have foreseen the global financial crisis which caused many to loose their supers and hence not retire but *shrugs* oh well.

I have always had work as a causal and temporary teacher and am blessed to be in a career where I can work in my chosen profession without securing a permanent position but there is nostability in jumping from contact to contract. So I guess the positive is, although I’m without a permeant job, I know I’ll get work when school comes back and people start calling in sick or getting maternity leave. I won’t have to busk quite yet.

Now for living situation, which is related to job status. Who will rent to someone without a secure job? Who would give me  a loan? How can I move not knowing where I’m going to end up working? No point moving to one side of Sydney only to eventually get a job on the other.

Thankfully I do actually get on well with my parents so it isn’t all bad and I am saving lots of money while living here but still not quite what I wanted….. I have moved out a few times, once for uni exchange in Canada which was AWESOME, once to Broken Hill as I did some contracts out there and once to Switzerland for a few months because I could …so I’ve at least tasted freedom.

Finally, the singleness factor. I wasn’t overly concerned with dating until I reached my mid-twenties. Truth is, I enjoy my own company and company of my friends, which I think is an important skill to have. I’ve dated but never really clicked with anyone. So I’m sad that I feel like I’ve never experienced love ( romantic love anyway) but on the bright side I haven’t and will never settle.

So these are the kind of things I’ll be addressing in more detail through this blog. Once again, I want to make it clear this is not a ” oh, woe is me” blog. I know there is hope and my life is very good compared to many others, but I do want somewhere to share my thoughts and think these topics relate to many. So stayed tuned for my adventures in:

  • the never ending finding a job saga.
  • online dating
  • investgating moving out options
  • deciding what on Earth to do with my life
  • random crap that pops into my head.


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